We are redevelopers who help homeowners stuck with properties they no longer want.  We buy homes in any condition. 

Real Estate can be stressful and complicated, we understand and want to help.  

No matter what the situation is:  inherited a property, are going through a divorce, are behind on payments, facing major repairs.  We will buy your home and work quickly to save you stress, expenses and worry.  

Ideal Properties is built on close relationships. Our process is simple and systematized making it far less overwhelming.  

As redevelopers we value efficiency and precision assessment.  This ensures accuracy and a level playing field for our mutual success. 

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We Can Help

  • Distressed Homes 
  • Inherited Property that is a liability
  • If your behind on payments, get an offer and end pile up of debt. 
  • Empty Lots
  • Commercial and residential


We pride ourselves on efficient, quality work. Action is our mantra.  

At Ideal Properties we like a challenge, and will show up with a smile, ready to work hard. 

We have our eye on the big picture, and are obsessed with detail. This allows us to focus, and stay on course with determination and clarity. 


We value the communities we work in, and the people. 




Fair Fast Simple

Buy Homes any Condition
Quality Service




Your Ideal Solution is waiting.  

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